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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr Kitley opens this Thursday!!

Lovely Bree Claffey opens her georgeous new shop and gallery space
Mr. Kitley  this Thursday from 6pm until 8pm.
Its filled with jaw dropping subtlety, space and most beautiful things.

There will be an opening exhibition.

Come along and acquaint yourself...
That's right...Brunswick!!!
photo: karl scullin

Monday, November 29, 2010


Last night was fabulous!
Thank you so much to Chris Coe for his vision and hard work.
For nine on seven it was a grand finale of three grand events in one week.
Rollin' Contact Exhibition at Melbourne Bike Fest> A lot of work with a lot of people. Worth a lot!
Ride Bersama ILP Fundraiser> Successful and FUN!
Digital Primate Retrospective exhibition> Installed, opened and celebrated!! 
Don't be scared..come and see the show at nine on seven.
It features work from HA-HA, Marc de Jong, Duke Dihn and Box Wars amongst others.

Thursday, November 25, 2010



Pre-Critical mass get together BBQ treats n Drinks n Decks n BIKE GANG FEVER we gonna ride together en masse dressed RAINBOW VOMIT SPORTS GOTH ALL CITY with RODA RODA SOUNDSYSTEM providing cruise tunes!

Leaving Antiverse 5pm!!!!!!!

We'll be selling awesome amazing handmade SPOKE CARDS n T-SHIRTS n DOILY ART n FASHION FORWARD BANDANAS!!!! Omg we are guna look sooooo kewl...


Inter Location Project Australian Launch at Rollin' Contact Exhibition Melbourne Bikefest 2010

Inter Location Project                     
A showcase thinking through cycling + communities                                                                
Part of Rollin’ Contact
Thursday 25th November- Sunday 28th November 2010                           
11:00 AM – 10:00PM 
The Inter Location Project ( ILP ) is an independent organisation formed to build a DIY arts bridge between the two cities of Jogjakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia. 
Ten works featured in Rollin’ Contact have been especially produced by ILP Artists. Melbourne ILP Artists include: Snotrag, Tom Civil, Georg and Claire Alexander.                     ILP Artists from Yogyakarta are:  Bayu Widodo, El Kampretto, Love Hate Love and Anton Subiyanto.
ILP formed during 2010 after several Melbourne Artists travelled to Yogyakarta throughout the year. The open welcome, cultural kinship and friendship shared was overwhelming. The Melbournians’ were immediately adopted as a part of the community by their Indonesian counterparts and immersed in a vibrantly expressive and creative environment. This culminated in the first ILP exhibition ‘AYO! Mix FUN” at Bayu Widodo’s Survive! Garage Art Space in July.
ILP aims to express and maintain varied forms of artistic and cultural dialogue, creative commonalities and friendship between the two cities. In an attempt to dissolve arbitrary International borders by extending and deepening creative ties. ILP’s mission is to echo the experience to their Indonesian friends by offering them the opportunity to travel here and be taken in as a part of Melbourne’s creative communities.
ILP has recently also taken on the additional mission of raising much needed funds for helping displaced people in their sister city in the wake of the Mt. Merapi volcano disaster. Since the devastating eruptions, only 40kms from Yogyakarta, ILP is providing practical solidarity to their Indonesian counterparts. Whilst still true to their original aspirations ILP firstly needs to ensure the health of these communities in providing aid and financial assistance. 
You can help! Donate either through our website or in our bucket at the bar!

Special Thank-you to Tuffy (ILP Co-Founder), Snotrag (ILP Co-Founder), Skye Turner-Walker, Fox Tyler, Tom Civil, Jason Heller and Luccrecia from Roda Roda Soundsystem.
These works will travel to nine on seven Art space at the Rooftop Bar to be exhibited from December 17th until January 7th

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Rollin' Contact is now open at 1000 Pound Bend from 11am-10pm everyday until Sunday. So come down and support an earnest and hard working curator with heart, but empty pockets!

Special thank-you to:
All the Artists!
Josh, Cookie, Lauren and all at Rear Entry and Antiverse Studios
Inter Location Project especially Tuffy and Snotrag
Tom Civil, Snotrag and Georg for their mural work
Nikhil Madhan for photographing the event
Steve Boyd and Kasia Lynch
Ilana Russell
Georgi no e
Georgie Sedgwick
Pip Carroll
Carla McKee
Heidi Arbuckle
Trippy Taco
Rooftop Bar
and my dear Mum
!! Mostly to all our friends in Yogjakarta
working their hearts out to help others in real need !!

Here a link to Nikhil Madhan's flickr site with photos of Rollin' Contact

Monday, November 15, 2010

'Rollin’ Contact' An exhibition thinking through bikes // Part of Melb Bike Fest 2010

Melb Bike Fest 2010

1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street
Thursday 25th November- Sunday 28th November 2010 11:00 AM – 10:00PM

Bikes have passed beyond being simply mechanical objects used for travel to become symbols of unity. They exist in our lives as companions, entering our lexicon and folklore through transit, speed and mobile revelry.
Rollin’ Contact draws from the terminology of physics to describe the point of contact between a wheel and its surface. Expanded broadly, it represents the themes of connection and commonality between people and bikes. Between bikes and art. Between art and people.
The exhibition will feature drawings, prints, hand-built mechanisms, silkscreens, photographic images, installations, design, video, paintings, sculptures, puppets and textiles that expand on the theme.
A component of the show comprises works by artists who form a part of the Inter-Location Project, (ILP). ILP is an independent organisation formed to build a DIY arts bridge between the two cities of Jogjakarta, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia. ILP aims to express and maintain varied forms of artistic and cultural dialogue, creative commonalities and friendship between these two bicycle-loving cities in addition to raising much needed funds for helping the displaced in the city in the wake of the Mt. Merapi volcano disaster.
Curated by: Claire Alexander nine on seven Artspace
Featuring works by:
Akẻan, Anton Subiyanto, Bayu Widodo, Betty Musgrove, Bhavani Stoddart, Claudie Frock, Colin Moore, Dan Bell,Dan Goronszy, El Kampretto, Georg, Jarrad Kennedy, Jarrod Mortimer, Kasia Lynch, Lauz, Lindsay Cox, Love Hate Love, Micheal P Fikaris, Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn, Snotrag, Steve Boyd, Stewart Cole, Tom Civil, Upper Left Arm.

Friday, November 12, 2010


As a part of the DIGITAL PRIMATE +1 show at the Rooftop nine on seven will be presenting
The show will feature original and collected works generated by selected artists over the years for Digital Primate releases and publicity material. It will highlight the unique body of work created for Digital Primate over the duration of his creative career.

Including work from Marc de Jong,
Ha-Ha, Duke Dinh, David Campbell and Box Wars

6.30pm (get there early, this event will be a full house!)
Running until December 16

Performing live with his special guests John Power (live animation) and Byron Scullin (live synthesis) in an unforgettable exclusive event on one Melbourne's most iconic rooftops !

Digital Primate will deliver at no charge a performance based on his latest album "Keep Calm and Carry On" all via MELBOURNE’S OWN HEARTICAL HI FI SOUND SYSTEM.

The Heartical HiFi is a proper yardy style sound system, hand built in Melbourne and designed to give MAXIMUM BASS. It is a mono system driven by amplification designed by King Tubby!

With special guest DJ Paz, new cocktails at the bar and lots of lovely people

Rarely do all these elements can come together at such a location so come to the Rooftop and partake in this extravaganza, baby.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

nine on seven presents HIDE YOUR SHAME! New drawings by Lauz

from 6pm
Running until November 27

nine on seven

Rooftop Bar

Level 7 Curtin House

252 Swanston street

A word from the Bureau of Meteorology: City Centre Max 29

Lauz has washed her hands of profundity in presenting Hide Your Shame a new collection of ridiculous drawings opening this Thursday from 6pm at nine on seven.
Various transcendental hangovers gifted Lauz abilities in dissecting the usual order of human form. Wielding a black marker and a roaming lucidity with a lithe left hand she reanimates and reforms these random parts back into an incongruous whole. She manifests thought as psychic geometric lines and colour atop these freakish composites. In Hide Your Shame Lauz demonstrates influences as broad as May Gibbs and Spaceballs and an unflinching, almost unrepentant, examination of relationships and RSI.

Lauz has recently added to her long accruing steez by being featured in the latest Semi-Permanent design book. She has exhibited works in the Inaugural Brunswick Show, Workshop and e55. In addition to participating in live drawing at Tape Projects and Irene Warehouse Street Art Festival. She is keen to become wildly famous through further unabated public exposure.
More of Lauz here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


New drawings from Lauz! opening next Thursday 11th of November from 6pm. Melissa Reidy's drawings up until Wednesday 10th November....Last chance to see the hybrids!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Melissa Reidy continues ....but here opening snaps and thanks

Thank you to all who turned up and up and up (those stairs can be invigorating in a certain state of mind) for the 1st birthday party of nine on seven and Melissa Reidy's opening of Animalia.
Here a few mind altering snaps.
More photos of the work coming.
My camera is in the shop so just waiting for a lovely stranger to send the images I took on her camera through.
Alexander, Kurea

Beating the half Borg

And it only took 396 days! Thanks Google

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reidy and Firtsy

It's the 14th tomorrow and Ill be enjoying the company of the talented Melissa Reidy and her (and my) cohorts as we celebrate a life suspended in graphite and the first anniversary of immaculate modulation named nine on seven.
I'll be doing my behest to get you down here!
From 6pm to when am

Friday, October 8, 2010

nine on seven reopens with ANIMALIA new drawings by Melissa Reidy

Launching THURSDAY OCTOBER 14TH FROM 6PM at nine on seven,

Rooftop Cinema Bar Curtin House

Running until November 10th

Melissa Reidy is a Melbourne based Artist working in illustration and drawing. Composed in pencil depicting improbable beings in improbable situations Reidy’s work often features feathers, men’s suits or ram’s horns. She is a consummate zine maker and sharer and has been a volunteer at Sticky Institute. Reidy’s comics have twice featured in the comics magazine ‘Tango’.

As an emerging curator Reidy has curated and shown in ‘The Undiscovered Press’ at Platform Artspace in February 2010 and in February 2011 will curate an exhibition as a part of the ‘I am Typewriter: The Melbourne Typewriter Block Party’ at Sticky Institute. She hopes to always be drawing. Even when she’s old and needs help getting out of her comfy chair.

Show description:

Animalia is a series of HB pencil drawings of hybrid beings presenting a visual portmanteau of species. Reidy’s jarring amalgamations are created out of playfulness and curiosity. She imagines the species existing in actuality through her use of zoological nomenclature. Each work is accompanied by a biological classification and an encyclopaedic entry. A description of migration, feeding and behavioural habits in addition to their habitat is listed; suspending our disbelief for a moment easing this creatures transition from unreal to real.

After an extended hiatus, a long winter and a complete restoration of the boxes

come along and celebrate one year of choice cubes, modular captivation and strong cider !!



Thursday, September 23, 2010

nine on seven ONE YEAR OLD today!!

Thank you to Kees de Bruyn for offering the opportunity to get nine on seven
started in the first place.
Thank you to
Tim Peach and Grant Gould for their input, encouragement and extensive help.
Thank you to all Rooftop Bar staff too numerous to mention here.
Thank you to Chris Newbury for the box design, construction and maintenance.
Thank you to Jason Flaherty for designing the logo.
Thank you to everyone who made it up to the openings and made them FUN.
And a large, boisterous thank you to all of the Artists :
Jeremy Ley and Abram de Bruyn
Leila Morrissey
Lauren Rigbye
Kat Weir
Erin Templeton, Queenie Fletcher and Tania Price
Michael P Fikaris
UPPER LEFT ARM: Kasia Tons and Jac Eddy
Boxed In:Pat Grant, Jase Harper, Jo Waite, Leigh Rigozzi, Michael Hawkins, Tim Molloy, Mandy Ord
Arts Project Australia: Tim Williams, Wayne Marnell and Alan Constable.
Virginia Overell
Ben Hutchings

All worked so hard to create such memorable, skillful and FUN shows.
All the while offering much encouragement and support for a fledgling curator
such as myself.

Much obliged,
Claire Alexander
Artspace Manager

Stay tuned for dates

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


nine on seven's program will resume in October 2010.

In the mean time please see my Album of my tour of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
In June and July of this year Snot Rag and I travelled to Indonesia to visit friends and see/do art.
It was fast, FUN and fruitful.
Many firsts, many friends.

Many thanks to:
Snotty, for putting up with me, sharing her wisdom, 'can-do' and tempe times.
Kees de Bruyn, our friend, raconteur and help line.
All at Samsara especially Inna for laughs, support and a warm home.
All at Survive especially Bayu and Ade for coffee, directions and FUN.
All at YK especially Rolly for such fast and colourful times.
All at Taring Padi for passion, patience and great patches.
And all in between...


Just when you think the sun's here to stay ......

It's raining again......

The Sun is required to ensure nine on seven's restoration process is COMPLETE.
Please make yourself available high in the sky for a continuous period of upto three days.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Witness the fitness

I don't believe that any light capturing device will ever surpass the ability of the human eye and brain to assimilate the true beauty and intricacy of its surrounds. This is why with this post I beseech you to see Ben's dioramas with your very own set (of eyes..not pixel pumpers please) before it comes down at the end of July. For those of you not in the vicinity check the next 9 posts to 'av a squizz. nine on seven is open everyday from 12pm-1am (weather permitting)

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 9 'Georgian Life' $500

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 8 'Sparrow Control' $350

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 7 'Nightmare Toilets' $600

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 6 'Twin Galaxies' $500

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 5 'Super Chip Scramble' $450

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 4 'Shampoo Suicide Night' $550

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 3 'Dogmouth' $400

A closer look FROM INSIDE A COMIC MIND - Box 2 'Day of the Ugly Giants ' $700