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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Melissa Reidy continues ....but here opening snaps and thanks

Thank you to all who turned up and up and up (those stairs can be invigorating in a certain state of mind) for the 1st birthday party of nine on seven and Melissa Reidy's opening of Animalia.
Here a few mind altering snaps.
More photos of the work coming.
My camera is in the shop so just waiting for a lovely stranger to send the images I took on her camera through.
Alexander, Kurea

Beating the half Borg

And it only took 396 days! Thanks Google

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reidy and Firtsy

It's the 14th tomorrow and Ill be enjoying the company of the talented Melissa Reidy and her (and my) cohorts as we celebrate a life suspended in graphite and the first anniversary of immaculate modulation named nine on seven.
I'll be doing my behest to get you down here!
From 6pm to when am

Friday, October 8, 2010

nine on seven reopens with ANIMALIA new drawings by Melissa Reidy

Launching THURSDAY OCTOBER 14TH FROM 6PM at nine on seven,

Rooftop Cinema Bar Curtin House

Running until November 10th

Melissa Reidy is a Melbourne based Artist working in illustration and drawing. Composed in pencil depicting improbable beings in improbable situations Reidy’s work often features feathers, men’s suits or ram’s horns. She is a consummate zine maker and sharer and has been a volunteer at Sticky Institute. Reidy’s comics have twice featured in the comics magazine ‘Tango’.

As an emerging curator Reidy has curated and shown in ‘The Undiscovered Press’ at Platform Artspace in February 2010 and in February 2011 will curate an exhibition as a part of the ‘I am Typewriter: The Melbourne Typewriter Block Party’ at Sticky Institute. She hopes to always be drawing. Even when she’s old and needs help getting out of her comfy chair.

Show description:

Animalia is a series of HB pencil drawings of hybrid beings presenting a visual portmanteau of species. Reidy’s jarring amalgamations are created out of playfulness and curiosity. She imagines the species existing in actuality through her use of zoological nomenclature. Each work is accompanied by a biological classification and an encyclopaedic entry. A description of migration, feeding and behavioural habits in addition to their habitat is listed; suspending our disbelief for a moment easing this creatures transition from unreal to real.

After an extended hiatus, a long winter and a complete restoration of the boxes

come along and celebrate one year of choice cubes, modular captivation and strong cider !!