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Monday, January 18, 2010

Next Show is GOOD SAUCE by Micheal P Fikaris

From 6pm on Monday February the 1st its time
to start getting on the:

Recent illustrations, comic pages and more
Some new stuff, a bunch of comic stories and
illustrations about working in kitchens.

Ever worked in a kitchen?
Ever thought you were an artist?
Ever enjoyed telling a story?
Ever tried to illustrate the story?
Ever been caught doing something drunk and stupid?
Ever stood on top of a building with a drink with friends?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Record breaking heat on rooftops..a joy!!

Thank you for sweating with and spraying mist on all those in attendance of the grrrls opening. Thank you also to Erin Templeton, Queenie Fletcher and Tania Price for a great show and also enduring stiff wood from way too much heat!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MODEL CITIZEN opens Monday 11th of January 6pm

3 women investigate ideas of position, scale + identity

using mixed messages + media

The Rooftop skyline and our city environment, fresh to the eyes of these three Trans-Tasman observers, have been remodeled, rescaled and renewed to fit captive in nine on seven. Using a wide range of materials, found and up-cycled, Erin, Queenie and Tania illustrate the diverse elements and inspirations making up our city: Its physicality and its populace. They aim to over-haul the former into the future in their quest to be that m0del citizen. Beware the Walrus observer!

Objects and Art by Erin Templeton, Queenie Fletcher and Tania Price