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Sunday, March 28, 2010

nine on seven and Arts Project Australia present: CAPTURED

Arts Project Australia is a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting people with disabilities becoming practitioners in the Visual Arts.

Captured is an exhibition of artwork by artists Tim Williams and Wayne Marnell exploring 2D portraiture and action shots of superheroes and fictional characters, alongside Alan Constable’s lyrical clay camera sculptures.

YOU'RE INVITED TO THE OPENING on Thursday April 15 from 6pm at nine on seven Artspace at the Rooftop Bar atop Curtin House - 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Running until Wednesday May 5th

Alan Constable’s finger marks clearly remain within his clay camera sculptures as traces of humanity. This enabled them to be seen as lyrical interpretations of what are very technical instruments. In this way, an Alan Constable camera can be viewed as an extension of the human body, rather than a direct replica.

Tim Williams’ world is populated by heroes and villains from films and books. His work is characterised by a strong and complex linear structure that creates both form and depth. Williams’ device of often incorporating the photographic source material into the work itself provides us with a fascinating window into the artist, his process and vision.

Wayne Marnell’s paintings and drawings often depict very free, yet angular lines. His work displays a highly individual use of space and perspective, often placing the viewer at a vantage point far above the action in the picture. Marnell’s favourite themes often relate to popular culture, fantasy and superheroes, which are keenly interpreted in the artworks exhibited in Captured.

Curated by Penny Hunt and Sim Luttin.

Arts Project Australia was established in 1974 (Founded by Myra Hilgendorf OAM) and is currently located in Northcote.It provides artists with intellectual disabilities a studio space to work, a space to exhibit and sell their work, along side giving professional guidance and materials. They are an important organisation within the commutniy and see that artists are represented in maintsream art exhibitions and events.

Please refer to their extensive website for further information

This exhibition is proudly supported by nine on seven Gallery Space and Arts Project Australia.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Prices for garments and accessories

...including dresses and talking sticks, slingshots, headresses, backlaces and cuffs are available on application.
All designs are available as postcards and posters in the following sizes:
Postcards: $5
For prices, prints or information about models please contact:
Claire Alexander on 0434 140 342 or
or Kasia Tons on 0403 260 619 or

Ready, Set ...........ULA tonite from 6pm Rooftop its L'oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival RENEGADES

Monday, March 1, 2010

A brief mock up

For BOXED IN the current show at nine on seven, running until 14th March, box number 8 inhabitant Ben Hutchings (his website GEEEN COMIX here) made a series of mock up designs to come to his final image of THE LESSON MASTER. Mock ups encourage experimentation as they are inexpensive to alter.
Lesson learned!

Emerging from a bamboo thicket....ULA

ULA is the creative collision of Jac Eddy and Kasia Tons. They make clothes but if thier clothes were people they would be diagnosed with ADHD, get mistaken for charismatic cult leaders, speak the mumbo jumbo of witchdoctors and somehow pull themselves together long enough to teach a kid algebra. But, their clothes aren't people, they're clothes. After three date changes we are finally committing to the date March 19 to expose ULA to you all with a fashion show of sorts involving bird whistles, teepees, beautiful beings and nice sounds by MY FRIEND SAMUEL.
This is also the opening of the exhibition of ULA artwork at the NINE ON SEVEN gallery space at the same location.


and nini on sven
and just a
Friday night is set to a busy one with post work drinkers etc. so come early and have some drinks to make sure you are allowed up!