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Monday, March 1, 2010

Emerging from a bamboo thicket....ULA

ULA is the creative collision of Jac Eddy and Kasia Tons. They make clothes but if thier clothes were people they would be diagnosed with ADHD, get mistaken for charismatic cult leaders, speak the mumbo jumbo of witchdoctors and somehow pull themselves together long enough to teach a kid algebra. But, their clothes aren't people, they're clothes. After three date changes we are finally committing to the date March 19 to expose ULA to you all with a fashion show of sorts involving bird whistles, teepees, beautiful beings and nice sounds by MY FRIEND SAMUEL.
This is also the opening of the exhibition of ULA artwork at the NINE ON SEVEN gallery space at the same location.


and nini on sven
and just a
Friday night is set to a busy one with post work drinkers etc. so come early and have some drinks to make sure you are allowed up!

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