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Sunday, November 7, 2010

nine on seven presents HIDE YOUR SHAME! New drawings by Lauz

from 6pm
Running until November 27

nine on seven

Rooftop Bar

Level 7 Curtin House

252 Swanston street

A word from the Bureau of Meteorology: City Centre Max 29

Lauz has washed her hands of profundity in presenting Hide Your Shame a new collection of ridiculous drawings opening this Thursday from 6pm at nine on seven.
Various transcendental hangovers gifted Lauz abilities in dissecting the usual order of human form. Wielding a black marker and a roaming lucidity with a lithe left hand she reanimates and reforms these random parts back into an incongruous whole. She manifests thought as psychic geometric lines and colour atop these freakish composites. In Hide Your Shame Lauz demonstrates influences as broad as May Gibbs and Spaceballs and an unflinching, almost unrepentant, examination of relationships and RSI.

Lauz has recently added to her long accruing steez by being featured in the latest Semi-Permanent design book. She has exhibited works in the Inaugural Brunswick Show, Workshop and e55. In addition to participating in live drawing at Tape Projects and Irene Warehouse Street Art Festival. She is keen to become wildly famous through further unabated public exposure.
More of Lauz here

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