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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


nine on seven's program will resume in October 2010.

In the mean time please see my Album of my tour of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
In June and July of this year Snot Rag and I travelled to Indonesia to visit friends and see/do art.
It was fast, FUN and fruitful.
Many firsts, many friends.

Many thanks to:
Snotty, for putting up with me, sharing her wisdom, 'can-do' and tempe times.
Kees de Bruyn, our friend, raconteur and help line.
All at Samsara especially Inna for laughs, support and a warm home.
All at Survive especially Bayu and Ade for coffee, directions and FUN.
All at YK especially Rolly for such fast and colourful times.
All at Taring Padi for passion, patience and great patches.
And all in between...


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